The Prophet: A Mindful Journey for All

I had no idea what I was going to write about for tomorrow until I googled The Prophet online and found that this amazing book is coming out this August as a movie. A week ago Friday I read from it in a luncheon talk I did in STL at our Postpartum Support International training (PSI). When I went back to my seat, a woman at the next table stopped me and asked me if she could look at it “for a minute.” “Take your time,” I replied. “It’s filled with beautiful poetry and Illustrations by its’ author, Kahlil Gibran. You can give it back to me when you’re done.”

She was an older African American woman and for weeks I’d worried that my lunchtime mindfulness exercise which included reading Gibran’s poem about children might not be well-received by my “culturally diverse” audience. Instead, most of them were engaged beyond my expectations. Returning The Prophet to me, she said “This is a very spiritual book.” I simply replied, “Yes.” Then she proceeded to order it online while I returned to my seat.

What a lesson for me! The universe took me by the hand and showed me that the language of spirit is universal. Although we may call it by different names-God, Jesus, our higher power, Buddha, Allah, The Divine Feminine-whatever beckons us to be our “best selves,” is shared between us. There is no separation. Likewise, it is always there to guide and support us if we are willing to be aware and don’t miss out on the message being sent.

This week pay attention to what the universe is telling you. Look. Listen. Be mindful.

Have a good week. Namaste.

2 thoughts on “The Prophet: A Mindful Journey for All

  1. Beautiful blog and a lesson for us not to judge or to doubt ourselves and the special messages we have to share because as you said, “the language of spirit is universal” – I love that. Thank you for sharing.

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