Join The Abundant Mama Project to Ban Busy™

roses on wooden background“I never have any time to have fun and relax.”

Take back your days and Join the Ban Busy™ challenge.

The world is a busy place.

But your home doesn’t have to be.

The Abundant Mama Project is gearing up to slow down. We’re going to ban busy. Savor slow. And start a challenge to be present, peaceful and playful in a slow, intentional way.

No hurry so don’t rush and tear up your to-do lists just yet.

This challenge doesn’t mean we’re not doing things.

We’re just not doing things in a frantic state-of-mind.

We’re doing things … but differently.

Why Ban Busy™?

The problem with our obsession with “busyness” is that we are afraid of failing. We’re terrified we’re going to miss out on something — or worse, our children will miss out on something.

We’re afraid of not being good enough or our kids aren’t going to be smart enough.

In other words, we’re so busy being busy because we’re afraid of being imperfect.

I want to help you change your busy story. Join the movement now.

How to Ban Busy

Easy. There are a few ways to get involved with the #BanBusy™ challenge today.

  • Get on the email list and receive your FREE download of the Ban Busy™ Manifesto as well as a series of five weekly emails showing you the way to a slower life. The Ban Busy™ email challenges will begin April 29.
  • Join this movement simply by sharing your own personal adventure of savoring the slow life by using the hashtag #BanBusy with all of your Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook updates.
  • Get your family on board by calling a Slow Family Meeting.

For Tweet suggestions and photos to share, visit

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