Moms for Moms Day March 4, 2014

Original source: The Bump

Heard of Moms for Moms Day yet? Not so long ago, The Bump and got together for a photo shoot where moms and moms-to-be shared their biggest Mommy Truths in a safe, friendly space. They created the day — along with the team from CT Working Moms — because they want every woman to feel comfortable, confident and proud of her choices as a mother (and mama-to-be). The Bump was so inspired by the CT Working Moms Campaign for Judgment-Free Motherhood shoot that they wanted to expand the message by encouraging moms all over to stand up and support one another.

The journey to motherhood is flooded with decisions (from the type of diapers you’ll buy, to the ways you’ll feed your infant, to the sleep-training methods you’ll subscribe to) and the goal is to support, encourage and stand behind each and every mother’s choices — and Moms for Moms Day is their way of putting an end to the judgments that moms make toward one another.

On March 4th, they’ll be asking moms across the country (and around the globe!) to share their own Mommy Truths on social media using the hashtag #Moms4Moms and tagging @TheBump and@CTWorkingMoms. Together, we’re all one step closer to finally closing the door on the Mommy Wars.

Join them by downloading our printable template and sharing your photos with them on Facebook,Instagram and Twitter. Grab your best friend, your best girlfriends, a few moms from play group or a coworker you’ve never met before! We’re all in this together. That same night, they’ll be hosting an event in their downtown NYC offices to celebrate Moms for Moms Day. They’ll be live-streaming a chat where they discuss positive ways to put an end to judgments made by moms. Stay tuned for more details!

Take a peek at the shoot The Bump held with moms from CT Working Moms and special guests Alicia Ybarbo and Mary Ann Zoellner, co-authors of the book Sh*tty Mom and Nicole Feliciano, founder of the site MomTrends:

Living Self-Care encourages our readers to participate! After you send your awesome pics to the above places, make sure to send us one as well!

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