I’m QUEEN of the World!

My daughter saw Titanic for the first time last night. When I asked her if she liked it, she said, “It was sad, but Rose was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.” I remember recently reading a snippet in People Magazine in which Kate Winslet (who played Rose) said that it was the worst she had ever looked. I wonder what she’d say to my 13 year-old in response to her admiration?

Women (including myself, of course) blame society and the media for the impossible standards of beauty that cause teenagers to starve themselves and even commit suicide. But why is it okay that coaches can call their male players “ladies” when they want to insult them? This is something that is usually not given a second thought to. Is it really that bad to be a woman?

This week, I challenge you to keep your eyes and ears open for subtle or even blatant references to womanhood as a character flaw. It’s not until we start noticing this that we can make an effort to change it. I am proud to be a woman and I hope you are, too! (Sorry, guys!) My hope is that we can all start standing up for our gender, and by extension, ourselves. And Kate Winslet, I agree with my kiddo: you looked gorgeous in Titanic.

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