Tuesday’s Tip: End Stinking Thinking

Living Self-Care: Our Minds

Equally important to nourishing our bodies, is thinking  that promotes health and well-being.  As it says in the Bible, “As a man thinketh, so doth he become.”

 Healthy Thinking strategies include:

  1.  Monitor Self-Talk: Be aware of your internal dialogue.  Research shows that the more negative your thinking about yourself and your life, the worse you’ll feel.  Because your mind and body is connected, chronic negative thinking often leads to emotional and physical health problems.
  2. Don’t Take Things Personally: This suggestion comes from Don Miguel Ruiz’es The Four Agreements and is frequently the root of feeling bad.  Realize that most of the time other people’s sour moods and unkind actions are not because of you but because of what they’re going through.  You are not to blame so don’t dwell on it.
  3. Don’t Make Assumptions: This is also from The Four Agreements.  How many times have you felt hurt or angry imagining what you thought someone said or intended and it’s not what they meant?   Stop assuming and ask for clarification.
  4. Release SelfCriticism: Women are frequently harder on themselves than anyone else.  Be-friend yourself instead.  Notice your successes and strengths.  If you make a mistake, forgive yourself like you would a friend.
  5. Stop Worrying: In the words of the Dali Lama, “No good comes from worrying.  If there’s something you can do about a situation, do it.  If there’s nothing you can do about, worrying will only make you feel bad.”

3 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Tip: End Stinking Thinking

  1. Hi Angela,
    You didn’t miss it. We may not have made it clear. Each day choose one step from the day’s list and practice it. Let us know how it goes. Or choose one habit change to practice all week. Try something you haven’t done before or something that speaks to you. Glad to have you join us.

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