Whose Problem Is It?

Most women have held the “caretaker” role at some point in our
lives.  Oftentimes, we extend our caregiver net too far without being fully aware of what we’re doing.  How many times have you jumped in to “fix” a friend’s –or even a stranger’s – problems?  When we do this for extended periods of time, we start to feel pulled in all directions, feeling overwhelmed and even resentful toward the people we have chosen to help.

Earlier this year, I started feeling very bogged down and caught myself withdrawing and isolating myself just so no one else could ask me to do
anything for them!  And of course, lots of people noticed my sudden

Wanting to solve this problem in a healthy way, I made some, “Whose
Problem Is It?” signs to hang in places where I would see them every day.  So I
started asking myself that question over and over – sometimes 20 times a day. If the answer was, “Not mine!” then I felt more confident in saying “no.” And guess what?  Those around me started respecting me instead of expecting me!  A successful solution for all.

Stacey's reminder sign

Today’s guest author is Stacey Glaesmann, LPC who has a private counseling practice in Pearland, Texas and specializes in treating perinatal mood disorders. She wrote her first book, “What About Me? A Simple Guide to Self-Care in the 21st Century” in 2007.  She can be reached through her website at www.pearlandtherapy.com.

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